About us

Empowering Creator Economy

A creator is an individual or a small-to-mid-size business that uses its skills, expertise, and passion to create content and products that promote it within its user community.

Established in 2016, CoolBoots Media is one of the leading companies in the country offering and innovating solutions to help the Publisher & Creators focus on their skills, creativity, and business while we help them plugin the persistent growth deterring gaps.

Monetization, constant user engagement, and financial independence are some of the most pertinent problems faced by the publishers, influencers, and the overall creator community.

The CoolBoots team, as a mission, works tirelessly to bridge these gaps through their pioneering solution with zero integration or service cost.

With a reach of over 50 million users per month globally and growing at 100% YoY, CoolBoots Media is committed to providing the best returns for your time, trust, and business with us. Our 200-person organization is on a mission to create value for all of its associates and stakeholders.

Our Values

At CoolBoots, our values are reflected in all our internal and external interactions.


Trust is earned, not demanded. We try and work hard to stay true to our core.


We operate with unwavering candor and honesty in our actions and words.

Passion & pride in our work

We work with excitement towards collective goals as one unit, helping each other as a close, compassionate community.

Respect for all

We all treat each other equally with respect, irrespective of experience or diversity. People come first at CoolBoots.

Simple, right? It really is just about being your best version.